Sleeping easier

PITCH Design Group was contracted to handle the industrial design for Clarion Brands' Sonorest Sleep Tones soother for tinnitus sufferers. As an addition to their best selling Lipo-Flavonoid, the company wanted to add a sound soother specifically targeted to help improve customers' sleep. Working with their team, PITCH developed a compact, simple to operate bedside device that could be easily used when unseen in a dark room.



UI controls

Design focus was put into the pop-up frequency attenuation control; the core of the product's purpose. The ability to fine tune the range in white, pink or brown noise is important for tailoring to each user's needs. Pressing the pop-up center dial allows it to be selected, and pressing down locks the chosen setting. 


user considerations

Knowing the product was user friendly out of the box meant focusing on skipping the instructions as part of the design consideration. Large, identifiable icons and illuminated callouts on the soft-touch control surface make for an easy-to-set product with carefree use.