Lively Watch exploded view

Development case study: Lively elder care smart watch

The Lively Elder Care Smart Watch was required to be an easy to use, approachable and compact design to be accepted for everyday wear and use. The unusual component and wireless requirements required extremely tight tolerance design and special manufacturing processes to complete.  PITCH worked very closely with the manufacturer and specialty electronics design group to develop the over-molded antenna requiring nine separate manufacturing steps to produce to ensure long transmission range and water resistance. From concept to shipped product, PITCH delivered this completed project to the client in under 8 months. 

         Accessing the cutlery bay in the MaxStax

         Accessing the cutlery bay in the MaxStax


development case study: Max packaging touchless dispenser

MaxStax is a great example of a project where design form works to envelop engineered function.  The client's requirement was to develop a plastic cutlery dispenser with touchless sensors to deliver a single piece of cutlery at a time to each user thereby eliminating waste and transfer of germs from user to user.  Starting on the inside, a mechanism was designed that separates a single piece of cutlery from a stack of over 100 pieces.  The mechanism then allows the piece to drop away from the stack and present only the handle to the user to take. The rotation of a single DC motor is converted to several linear motions in the mechanism to accomplish the dispensing. After confirming a reliable mechanical design testing with multiple prototypes the shell was designed and incorporated with the mechanism.. PITCH worked to facilitate all steps in obtaining a patent on the mechanism for the client. The product is rapidly gaining acceptance by hospitals, schools and restaurants for its reliable, rugged, sanitary and efficient design.