Mobile Multi-Application Safety Barriers

The Banner Stakes project is designed as an indoor/outdoor industrial grade safety and control barrier for multi-application use and high durability. 


Multi-application 150ft barrier spool case

Designed as a multi-purpose, large area control barrier, The Spool Case contains 150 feet of special marked high durability nylon web ribbon for use where smaller systems become cumbersome to array, reducing time to set up and knock down. 

The compact portable design comprises a carry grip and barrier trigger lock for quick application and fast spooling around objects for cordon and control. The ruggedized housing and support components make for a durable design capable of working in the most demanding conditions. 

Capable of being pole-mounted with a strap and cleat system, rack/shelf mounted or free-standing wit a portable collapsible quad pod, the Spool Case brings fast, durable dependability to large area containment and control situations.

Banner & Cart carry-all system

The Banner Cart is a mobile contain-and-control system supporting five barrier posts and tip-less water filled base stanchions for up to 65 linear feet of area cordon. 

An industrial grade cart manages the system for indoor/outdoor areas with individually graphically and color coordinated marked banner ribbons for a myriad of specialty needs for hazards and safety control. An additional tray keeps loose articles close at hand during setup and take down. 

multi-purpose ready barrier

The Ready Barrier is the compact and portable multi-application unit designed with a heavy duty commercial grade locking suction cup mount that can attach to any glass or slick surface, as well as a high strength integrated magnet and screw post mount. 

This self contained, two size system is the ready-to-go unit that can set up and attach to virtually any surface at a moment's notice from construction or containment site to support vehicle.