Performance Hearing for Everyone

McKeon (Mack's) Products is known for quality and trusted hearing protection in earplugs and shooter's headphones. With their establishment in this category the intent was to expand into sound enhancement combined with protection with the aim at providing a well designed and engineered product with the same performance and quality found in much more expensive devices. Audibles is hearing performance for anyone looking for more from what's around them. 


Audibles and Audibles for shooters

In developing the design for Audibles Hearing Enhancement the concept with Mack's was to design a product geared towards performance and active lifestyles rather than something made to be hidden. With the popularity of Bluetooth on-ear devices the concept looked to capture that with a high-end look and feel that doesn't live in the world of "hearing aid" products and the stigma that they bring. Expansion of the Audibles line looks to engage the shooter's market with a targeted product geared towards gun use safety. 


Mack's Audibles retail packaging

logo and packaging design

PITCH was employed to develop both the brand identity and package design. Working closely with Mack's corporate team a design was developed that fit in with the concept of Audibles as a performance product and with the rest of the company's assets while projecting the tech level image desired.