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With over fifty years combined experience, the partners of PITCH make for an effective and efficient design and development group.  The team has brought multi-million dollar projects from concept to retail, developed projects for tv marketing, as well as successful crowd-funded projects on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. PITCH Design can cover most any product design, development and manufacturing need with proven and trusted resources in the US and Asia.


the creative design arts

Well Rounded Capabilities

Most projects require multifaceted skills in The Arts for them to be realized. PITCH Design brings together industrial, graphic, UI/UX, brand and package design.

engineering & development

Making the Project a Reality

Our talents allow us to carry the project through the complete development process to assure a properly functioning and verified design that exceeds your expectations.


manufacturing & logistics

Sourcing and Building

Our well established connections with manufacturers allow for an efficient transition from design to manufactured and delivered products.

Performance Hearing for Everyone

McKeon (Mack's) Products is known for quality and trusted hearing protection in earplugs and shooter's headphones. With their establishment in this category the intent was to expand into sound enhancement combined with protection with the aim at providing a well designed and engineered product with the same performance and quality found in much more expensive devices. Audibles is hearing performance for anyone looking for more from what's around them. 


Audibles and Audibles for shooters

In developing the design for Audibles Hearing Enhancement the concept with Mack's was to design a product geared towards performance and active lifestyles rather than something made to be hidden. With the popularity of Bluetooth on-ear devices the concept looked to capture that with a high-end look and feel that doesn't live in the world of "hearing aid" products and the stigma that they bring. Expansion of the Audibles line looks to engage the shooter's market with a targeted product geared towards gun use safety. 


Mack's Audibles retail packaging

logo and packaging design

PITCH was employed to develop both the brand identity and package design. Working closely with Mack's corporate team a design was developed that fit in with the concept of Audibles as a performance product and with the rest of the company's assets while projecting the tech level image desired. 


Sleeping easier

PITCH Design Group was contracted to handle the industrial design for Clarion Brands' Sonorest Sleep Tones soother for tinnitus sufferers. As an addition to their best selling Lipo-Flavonoid, the company wanted to add a sound soother specifically targeted to help improve customers' sleep. Working with their team, PITCH developed a compact, simple to operate bedside device that could be easily used when unseen in a dark room.



UI controls

Design focus was put into the pop-up frequency attenuation control; the core of the product's purpose. The ability to fine tune the range in white, pink or brown noise is important for tailoring to each user's needs. Pressing the pop-up center dial allows it to be selected, and pressing down locks the chosen setting. 


user considerations

Knowing the product was user friendly out of the box meant focusing on skipping the instructions as part of the design consideration. Large, identifiable icons and illuminated callouts on the soft-touch control surface make for an easy-to-set product with carefree use.


Independent Senior Living Technology


The Lively PERs Smart Watch is a Personal Emergency Response device, pedometer and digital minder for elder care that works in conjunction with the company's base station and wireless sensor system to create a safe and unobtrusive living environment monitor that allows safe and sure tracking of person's daily routines. 

User-selectable analog or digital time faces and customizable "minder" alerts for pill taking and other daily needs highlight the watch's main feature in a personal emergency response button that is call center linked to provide fast, live response.

The simple, approachable design provides constant updates and linking to loved ones to assure safety without loss of personal free space using Bluetooth LE technology for communication ranges up to 100 feet. 


TGIF-designed Lively Senior Care Smart Watch

TGIF-designed Lively Senior Care Smart Watch

Lively wireless sensor pods

Lively wireless sensor pods


Mobile Multi-Application Safety Barriers

The Banner Stakes project is designed as an indoor/outdoor industrial grade safety and control barrier for multi-application use and high durability. 


Multi-application 150ft barrier spool case

Designed as a multi-purpose, large area control barrier, The Spool Case contains 150 feet of special marked high durability nylon web ribbon for use where smaller systems become cumbersome to array, reducing time to set up and knock down. 

The compact portable design comprises a carry grip and barrier trigger lock for quick application and fast spooling around objects for cordon and control. The ruggedized housing and support components make for a durable design capable of working in the most demanding conditions. 

Capable of being pole-mounted with a strap and cleat system, rack/shelf mounted or free-standing wit a portable collapsible quad pod, the Spool Case brings fast, durable dependability to large area containment and control situations.

Banner & Cart carry-all system

The Banner Cart is a mobile contain-and-control system supporting five barrier posts and tip-less water filled base stanchions for up to 65 linear feet of area cordon. 

An industrial grade cart manages the system for indoor/outdoor areas with individually graphically and color coordinated marked banner ribbons for a myriad of specialty needs for hazards and safety control. An additional tray keeps loose articles close at hand during setup and take down. 

multi-purpose ready barrier

The Ready Barrier is the compact and portable multi-application unit designed with a heavy duty commercial grade locking suction cup mount that can attach to any glass or slick surface, as well as a high strength integrated magnet and screw post mount. 

This self contained, two size system is the ready-to-go unit that can set up and attach to virtually any surface at a moment's notice from construction or containment site to support vehicle. 

MaxStax Touchless Plastic Cutlery Dispenser


Max Packaging's MaxStax Touchless plastic cutlery dispenser addresses the need for simple to use sanitary devices in public spaces. The company's proprietary plastic cutlery needed a specific mechanism to easily deliver utensils every time.

MaxStax function has an option setting for a ready-to-deliver utensil handle after every dispense to ensure an always ready state, or a "touchless" sensor setting to keep utensils stored, ready and out of the way. It is designed to be easily serviced from the front for loading and setup. Indicator LEDs are located for low power and low cutlery alerts for staff. 



A Smarter Puzzle Feeder

In a ten billion dollar a year pet product industry PITCH has designed and developed a successful launch on Kickstarter with the Foobler®, bringing that project into a successful partnership with overseas manufacture and growing our in-house pet product design and brand to over a dozen projects with key retail connections including Petco, PetSmart, and worldwide retail channels.


The smarter smart feeder

Foobler is a patented auto-loading smart feeding toy designed to engage your and pet stimulate activity throughout the day. Six individual Food Pods open and release kibble with a motor and timer to deliver a full day's feeding in measured amounts. A dog's natural instinct is to hunt and forage for food, and Foobler's 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals spread their feeding period up to 9 hours a day. Reinforcing this natural instinct keeps mind and body active and engaged versus the typical bowl feeding manner. 

The success of the Foobler and sales attracted the interest of the San Francisco Zoo where PITCH was fortunate to work with the Animal Wellness Department to develop a special Foobler project for the facility's black and Indian rhinos. The specially designed 30-inch ball was based on the original product and was successfully introduced into the rhino habitat having very much the same welcome results and something we continue to be excited to contribute to.

up to six feeding intervals in one

Foobler's design is to be a multi-session kibble or treat puzzle toy to space out feeding rather than typical bowl eating where there is no challenge and reward in working for a pet's meal. With the six Pod system different treats and kibble can be used for more variety and interest. 


Foobler goes bluetooth

Adding wireless control via Bluetooth connectivity made for a simple to use and setup device to customize feedings as simply press and dispense to full custom timed food delivery readiness over a period of hours. Customized backgrounds and naming features allowed for a personalized experience tailorable to more than one Foobler and/or pet experience. 


Smart Pet Product Design

In a ten billion dollar a year industry PITCH has designed and developed successful launches on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. With the Foobler, we brought that project into a successful partnership with overseas development and manufacture, continuing to grow our in-house pet product design and branding to over a dozen projects and counting with key retail connections including Petco and PetSmart, and retail markets worldwide.


Trax: Walking Your Pet is Safer and Easier

The Trax Pet Leash is a design inspired by fishing rod & reel kits to allow for a more intuitive, naturally responsive movement to react to an emergency stop for the safety of the pet and pet parent. 

The patented design incorporates a dual-action lock/release trigger that operates with a single pull of the finger. It is purposed to give the pet parent improved response in stopping a pet from running out the line and getting into a hazard - something more typical thumb slide-lock mechanisms can be less effective at in emergency situations. 

Completing the features in the design is a pair of large reflectors for added night safety, and a spring-lock carabiner integrated into the handle grip that functions as a convenient tie out clip to keep pets close by. 

Laser Cats: Safe and Fun Laser Play with a Treat!

The Cat Laser Foobler is a patent pending self-contained red laser dot chase and play toy designed to give a cat safe and exciting fun with the benefit of a treat dispenser built in. 

The laser dot tracks around the upper half of the sphere, randomly moving up and down and back and forth to attract a cat’s attention to attack. As the toy wobbles during play your pet’s favorite kibble or dry treats will fall out the spillways encouraging play while feeding rewards. 

By locating the laser under the plastic dome shield, safety is maintained where other laser toys are not as so. The wobbly spherical design makes for random action and movement creating a prey-like unpredictability.  

Cat-Fish: Indoor Casting Tug and Play Action

The Cat-fish is a patent pending true cast-able fish’n play tag pole for you and your pet. Safely cast and reel in a variety of  “cat lures” to hone your pet’s prey senses from feathers, and furries to tough foam sea critters. 

The foldable design easily clicks open to be cast and reeled with the flick of a wrist. Both line and lures are made to be replaceable with no tools required. In a market where many pet toys sell neglecting longevity, our designs look to make for a long and durable play experience. 

UI Design & Development

The User Experience is the major aspect of a product's design, and the focus of how we interact with our products whether through simple handling to inputting and interpreting information can make for a seamless or rigorous exchange. The User Interface plays a critical role from simple on/off to complicated interfaces. Our work in UI/UX always looks to make the most of a user-integrated experience using clean, intuitive design. 


UX, UI and apps

The integration of app and product is important to the success of how it all works as a whole. Many solutions come from the design of the product and its purpose with how the app and/or UX looks and plays its role to round out the complete experience.

foobler bluetooth

Adding wireless control via Bluetooth connectivity made for a simple to use and setup device to customize feedings as simply press and dispense to full custom timed food delivery readiness over a period of hours. Customized backgrounds and naming features allowed for a personalized experience tailorable to more than one Foobler and multiple pets. 

USER Experience

Many products meet users out-of-the-box requiring a ready to go interface. Where we can in more complex projects we seek to apply intuitive, universal graphics and guidance to make the experience easy and repeatable without the hunt for the instruction manual. There's complicated art in simplicity and we work to develop solutions that make that seamless and user friendly. 

Lively Watch exploded view

Development case study: Lively elder care smart watch

The Lively Elder Care Smart Watch was required to be an easy to use, approachable and compact design to be accepted for everyday wear and use. The unusual component and wireless requirements required extremely tight tolerance design and special manufacturing processes to complete.  PITCH worked very closely with the manufacturer and specialty electronics design group to develop the over-molded antenna requiring nine separate manufacturing steps to produce to ensure long transmission range and water resistance. From concept to shipped product, PITCH delivered this completed project to the client in under 8 months. 

         Accessing the cutlery bay in the MaxStax

         Accessing the cutlery bay in the MaxStax


development case study: Max packaging touchless dispenser

MaxStax is a great example of a project where design form works to envelop engineered function.  The client's requirement was to develop a plastic cutlery dispenser with touchless sensors to deliver a single piece of cutlery at a time to each user thereby eliminating waste and transfer of germs from user to user.  Starting on the inside, a mechanism was designed that separates a single piece of cutlery from a stack of over 100 pieces.  The mechanism then allows the piece to drop away from the stack and present only the handle to the user to take. The rotation of a single DC motor is converted to several linear motions in the mechanism to accomplish the dispensing. After confirming a reliable mechanical design testing with multiple prototypes the shell was designed and incorporated with the mechanism.. PITCH worked to facilitate all steps in obtaining a patent on the mechanism for the client. The product is rapidly gaining acceptance by hospitals, schools and restaurants for its reliable, rugged, sanitary and efficient design.

In-Air Refuelling Just Got Easier


PITCH was the resource in handling the mechanical engineering drawing development for manufacture. Development for intensive industrial projects requires solid technical expertise that our team was excited to bring their skill sets to and be a part of.