Smart Pet Product Design

In a ten billion dollar a year industry PITCH has designed and developed successful launches on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. With the Foobler, we brought that project into a successful partnership with overseas development and manufacture, continuing to grow our in-house pet product design and branding to over a dozen projects and counting with key retail connections including Petco and PetSmart, and retail markets worldwide.


Trax: Walking Your Pet is Safer and Easier

The Trax Pet Leash is a design inspired by fishing rod & reel kits to allow for a more intuitive, naturally responsive movement to react to an emergency stop for the safety of the pet and pet parent. 

The patented design incorporates a dual-action lock/release trigger that operates with a single pull of the finger. It is purposed to give the pet parent improved response in stopping a pet from running out the line and getting into a hazard - something more typical thumb slide-lock mechanisms can be less effective at in emergency situations. 

Completing the features in the design is a pair of large reflectors for added night safety, and a spring-lock carabiner integrated into the handle grip that functions as a convenient tie out clip to keep pets close by. 

Laser Cats: Safe and Fun Laser Play with a Treat!

The Cat Laser Foobler is a patent pending self-contained red laser dot chase and play toy designed to give a cat safe and exciting fun with the benefit of a treat dispenser built in. 

The laser dot tracks around the upper half of the sphere, randomly moving up and down and back and forth to attract a cat’s attention to attack. As the toy wobbles during play your pet’s favorite kibble or dry treats will fall out the spillways encouraging play while feeding rewards. 

By locating the laser under the plastic dome shield, safety is maintained where other laser toys are not as so. The wobbly spherical design makes for random action and movement creating a prey-like unpredictability.  

Cat-Fish: Indoor Casting Tug and Play Action

The Cat-fish is a patent pending true cast-able fish’n play tag pole for you and your pet. Safely cast and reel in a variety of  “cat lures” to hone your pet’s prey senses from feathers, and furries to tough foam sea critters. 

The foldable design easily clicks open to be cast and reeled with the flick of a wrist. Both line and lures are made to be replaceable with no tools required. In a market where many pet toys sell neglecting longevity, our designs look to make for a long and durable play experience.